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this story takes place in canterlot, the castle.

Celestia practically skipped to her room, luna jogging to keep up with her long strides, she was panting when they reached the large bedroom, then luna saw the rope on the bed along with the blindfold next to it. She was confused, looking up into her sister's shining face she asked "c-celestia, what is all this?" her voice shook with fear, her sister reassured her "just a little game, don't worry, i promise it won't hurt a bit." her voice sounded so evil suddenly, she motioned for luna to lie down and as she did, the magical rope twisted around her, forcing her stretched out in spread-eagle, she yelped "Celestia, what are you doing?!" celestia just grinned and walked over to a blackboard, she then drew 7 white lines on it, "we're going to play hangman, but if you get a letter wrong, you get tickled by one of the feathers" she looked down at the feathers on the bed-side table luna did not notice before, "right let's start" said celestia.

luna felt relieved she wasn't going to be hurt, "okay, where's my hint?" "you want it now, you only get one, okay, it's something you can play with" luna thought for a bit, then said: "E", smiling, celestia drew an e on the second and sixth line then nodded for her sister to continue "hhmmmm, "k?" celestia laughed, "choose a tickle spot sis" "nonono please, one more try?" "you can choose an underarm, hoof, belly, thigh, or side" celestia motioned to each one , ignoring luna's pleads and giving them a quick tickle before moving to the next. luna gulped, she had never faced tickling before and didn't know where she was most ticklish. "i'll go with the belly." she said bravely, the feather began tickling her slowly "psssshhhh, hehehehehehehemwahahahahahahahaha" she began laughing, "the longer you take the faster they tickle" celestia said in a sing-song voice. trying to stop her giggling, luna forced a "beheheheheheheh" "b?, okay, choose another" celestia said evily, letting herself succumb to the giggles, luna could only nod towards to her left side, which was instantly attacked by another feather, luna began squealing "GEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, pleheeheeheease stohohohp ihihihiht" she said gasping for breath "wow, you are super ticklish" celestia commented, resisting the urge to tickle attack luna all over.

it took 12 minutes for luna to control herself, and for celestia to tune down the tickling so she could choose another letter "hehehe, h, kyahahaha" mopily, celestia made a "h" appear on the fifth line, luna thought about it, then said "i?" celestia grinned and shook her head, still giggling, luna decided to test herself, "my hoof" she wasn't ready, and so screamed with laughter as a feather was tickling the sole of her hoof, "AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA STOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHP WAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA" luna was struggling now, thrashing against her bonds where before she was squirming, "now now, that won't help" said celestia, letting luna breath and choose her next letter "i'll take an "O", she said panting, celestia grinned and told her to choose another spot, so she went for her other side, "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHOOHOHOHOHOHOMYHYHYHYHY GOOOOOOOOODYYYAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA" celestia let her sister be tickled for another 20 minutes before stopping the tickling and letting her choose another letter "A" luna said wearily  

celestia noticed her hair was down and luna was slightly sweating, reluctantly she drew up an a on the third line, it now said: _ea_he_ luna took her oppurtunity while she was free of the tickling to cry out an "L!" celestia turned, taken by surprise and grinned, luna sobbed a bit. knowing what was coming, and so she requested one on her thigh, which wiggled around freely whilst the others moved up and down, "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

she absolutely screamed with this one, celestia decided to be absolutely evil and let her sister be tortured for half an hour before letting her choose again, but then her eyes flickered down and she saw with a gasp that luna had wet her bed, luna blushed scarlet red all over her face and turned away, sobbing, the tears from the tickling still running down her cheeks, and she was now drenched with sweat, celestia waited for her sister to gain control, assuring her she wasn't mad, luna smiled up at her sister and apoligized, still heavily blushing, she grinned "i better get a go at you when i'm done" she said,
celestia laughed and said with a wink, "oh, you will but first i have to punish you for that", she said motioning to the dark stain on her duvet, she put all the feathers to her sister's body and let them tickle her freely, while she cleaned the stain by hand, both knew she could have done it faster by magic, all the while luna screamed at the top of her lungs for help.

Celestia stopped the feathers work, luna panted and sobbed, then she looked up and saw celestia grinning, a soft brush held just above luna's thighs and private section, luna blushed at her situation, celestia laughed, "i still gotta clean you up of course luna" with that the brush began weaving it's way magicily between luna's thighs and privates "AAAAAAAHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH NOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHO NOHOHOHT THAHHAHAHAHAT EEEEEEEEHEHEHEEHEEHEEHEE" luna was blushing harder than before and was now a very deep crimson, after the two hour scrubbing, luna sobbed and panted some more, celestia moved back to the board and waited, "no, tia, i can't anymore, please i don't want to, i can't take it anymore, it's just too much and it's embarrasing, please, please just let me go and we'll never talk about it again to anyone, and i promise i won't even get you back, just please promise you'll let me go." luna looked into her sister's eyes with a pleading look, celestia sat down next to her sister on the bed and thought, "what do i get if i do?" she said seductively and evily, luna thought about it, then said "i won't tell your student." she winked and giggled at the look of horror on celestia's face, if twilight ever knew about this, what would she do, laugh at celestia? tell everyone?

"alright, no more games, i'll let you go as soon as you finish the puzzle." she said finally defeated, luna was thunderstruck, she couldn't escape, the ropes were magically enchanted to make the tickling stronger whenever they were tampered with by anyone but celestia. "fine, no more quesses, let me see..." luna said, wanting to get it right straight away to avoid anymore tickling, but for the life of her, she couldn't see what toy it could possibly be, she already had feathers on her belly, left side, right hoof and the inside of her rigth thigh, she gulped, aiming for a letter, " what about M then?

the torture continued for a good hour at least, and at the end luna was a mess, celestia ignored this and asked again what letter luna wanted, seeing no other way, luna took a guess "h-h-h-h-how abb-b-bout uuuhhhhhh... F?" celestia drew an F on the first line, that was all luna needed, suddenly perking up, she cried put "FEATHER! IT'S FEATHER!" moaning in disappointment, celestia released the bonds and stopped the feathers, then laid down next to her still sistr, they both lay there, then luna broke the silence "you know, although it was torture, i knda enjoyed it at first." she admitted, "i used to tickle twilight all the time, and she'd tickle me back, but i was always a better tickler, adn she'd end up on the floor, rolling about and laughing wildly." luna looked at her sister, then realized she had the use of her magic back now, she made the ropes twist around her sister, tying her spread-eagle, she now had control over the ropes.

"NOOO, PLEASE!!" celestia cried, but it was no use, laughing evily, luna began tickling her sister's sides fast, and celestia bucked and twisted, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, NOOOOHOHOHOHOH PLEASE, LUHUHUHUNA I'M SOHOHOHOHRRY" she yelled, luna carried on, then moving down to her sister's waist, she tickled up and down her hips, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK, NOOOOOOOHOHOHOH LUNA, DOHOHOHN'T" celestia now had tears rolling down her cheeks, "and you said i was ticklish." luna said evily, now tickling the inside of celestia's thinghs and making all 9 feathers tickle celestia too, celestia began to scream, with feathers all over her, luna saw celestia trying to pull down her front legs desperately, but the ropes only held her more securely, luna jumped to the chance and began wildly tickling under her front legs, the feathers there responded by moving to her thighs, the brush celestia had previously used now in there and on her privates.

Celestia's torture lasted for nearly 20 hours and when luna got bored and left, she brought over the fish tank celestia had near her hooves, "what are you gonna do luna?" celestia said suspiciously, "nothing! luna replied, placing celestia's hooves deep into the tank, "YEESH, THAT'S COLD" celestia gasped and shuddered, then she saw luna scooping the fish into a spare fish bowl with a cup, and putting a bag full of small fish with tiny little teeth, "l-l-luna, d-don't do it, please" celestia was now scared "don't be scared, it won't hurt at all" luna said evily, she then placed the fish into the tank and they instantly went berserk, nibbling on the ends of celestia's hooves, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA, LUHUHUHUNAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHA, PLEEEEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHASE, MAHAHAHAKE IIIIIIT STOOOOOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHP!" luna left, turning toward her sister and saying, "don't worry, i'm sure they'll keep you company, i'll be back in the morning to see if you wanna strike a "deal", then laughing evily, luna went to her own bedroom, hearing celestia's screams that only she could hear due to the spell celestia had performed, smiling to herself, luna trotted over to her own bedroom.
i've turned to doing my little pony tickling stories now, i'm a brony, other than that, i'm sure we'll see these too again soon, i'm also really sorry this has taken so long, i've really had trouble trying to come up with an idea, but now their pouring in so i'll be back very soon, and that's a pinkie promise, if anyone wants a specific pony tickled, i'll be happy to do so, just leave your request in the comments
eeveelutiongirl123 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Rainbow dash or derpy hooves please
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Octavia and Vinyl Scratch please?
Also, I like the brush part. -w-
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